Thoughts on Trash

Here’s some good news: You can help the world in one easy step!

Reducing trash is one of the global problems INDIVIDUALS can help solve. One person can’t fix war or poverty, but they can buy or throw away one less thing.

If everyone in the USA commits to saving a 1/2 pound from the trash a year, that’s preventing roughly 160 Million pounds entering toxic landfills. Now visualize the impact: that’s the equivalent of roughly 44,000 cars. To scale up, if everyone on the planet did it, that would be 3 Billion pounds (~811,000 vehicles) a year!

I personally know how easy it is to get discouraged about the world because so many of the problems seem too enormous or intangible to solve, but this is an opportunity to immediately help our world in a way that is as easy as not ordering one thing from Amazon or not drinking a couple cups of coffee.

Thanks everyone (bonus points for sharing the message too).

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