A More Fair Voting Process

Does anyone else see an opportunity to fix the American voting system for electing officials? I, for one, am one of those people who massively dislikes the electoral college. Why is the popular vote not truly meaningful? I think it discourages people from voting. We should fix that.

Here’s an idea I’m tossing around. It abolishes the Electoral College and is based on popular vote.

Every citizen gets get two votes:

  • 3 points for your first choice.
  • 1 point for your second choice.

Every member of congress plus the President have approximately x100 point values (maybe a little more but keep the ratio).

  • 300 points for their first choice.
  • 100 point for their second choice.


  1. It’s based on total points, not averages. Averaging votes is terrible. Let’s say two candidate have an average vote of 4. Candidate A has a vote of 5 and 3, Candidate B has two votes of 4. By average they’re the same, but they have different votes so who is the better candidate – the one people are more emotional towards or the neutral one? Points simplifies the equation.
  2. You get two choices so it’s not an “All or nothing” scenario. And if you hate every candidate, but one just slightly less, you could even cast a single vote for a second choice to give them one point.
  3. There is a 2 (or 200) point gap between choices to emphasize your first choice. This will help eliminate you accidentally knocking out your first choice.
  4. Congress members and the President get more weight because they are the political professionals we elect to represent us at the highest levels and theoretically have the most knowledge of what’s happening. The larger point values are enough to give them a swing in a very tight vote but not enough to determine the whole thing. And most importantly, the point ratio remains the same.
  5. I’m hoping this helps third party candidates because our two party system is growing more violently divided by the day.